Board of Education

Edward Connolly - President

Joseph McKenna - Vice President

Dawn Austin - Board Member

Jane Elwell - Board Member

Sharon Lee Kustra - Board Member

Mark J. LeMunyon - Board Member

Thomas Rippman - Board Member

Jill Simcox - Board Member

Deborah Smith - Board Member

Cape May City School District


Professional Development/School Goals


1.       To establish Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) to assess student achievement


2.      To understand and prepare to use the PARCC Assessment tool to evaluate student achievement in alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)


3.      To implement the Danielson Model for Effective Teaching supported by the Teachscape online-environment program to increase student achievement by focusing on the Student Engagement component


District Goals  2013-2014


4.      Update our Long Range Facility Plan after a thorough evaluation and review of facility needs and upgrades

5.      Implement a technological approach to communication and public relations


Board Goals-2013-2014

1.      Board Members will participate in opportunities for professional development on the new educational initiatives

2.      Develop a system of reporting and monitoring of progress toward district and board goals


3.    Increase communication with Cape May City Council and the Municipal Commission